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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help us more effectively complete the tasks we do today - and enable us to do tasks in the future that seem unthinkably difficult today.



Big data and artificial intelligence require a communication layer
to present insights to you. Today, the best approach to communicate
those insights is via natural language generation technology.


Accounting Advice

Accounting advice is a body of knowledge which can be codified and embedded into technology. We can create AI Accounting by codifying a baseline set of accounting knowledge, and improving that baseline rapidly with the application of machine learning.


FinanCial Advice

Small business owners will prosper with access to custom
financial advice based on the accounting data from their business


Ben Ross explains why computers will inevitably beat brains



We’re a team of scientists, designers and engineers on a mission to dramatically improve the quality of financial advice available to small businesses and help them prosper. We believe that starts with a focus on artificial intelligence, starting with the codification of accounting concepts.

Machines of all kinds can help us along the way, but our vision is one in which we humans maintain and expand our authorial power. The advanced intelligence of tomorrow is a collaboration between the natural and the artificial. United with technology, the potential of humans can be amplified. As stated by Steve Jobs, “ .. the computer is the most remarkable tool that we've ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds”. We love applying technology to accounting (and bikes!!), so it’s a lot of fun.

  • We’re building off two decades of breakthrough research into natural language generation, working closely with partners and scientists to get usable solutions in the hands of accountants and iterating rapidly based on their feedback.

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